On Men

When I first started this website I had two sections; Top Blokes and Top Birds, which were designed to profile men and women that I admire.

Top Birds was a well populated section of the site, mostly, but not exclusively because I profiled women that are particularly pleasing on the eye and made a living from taking their clothes off.

Top Blokes, as you might imagine was a different proposition entirely. Being a bloke there is little I find compelling in the naked male form outwith admiring the dedication and comitment that goes into a well muscled body.

So my plan was to present those men that shine through thought, deed and accomplishment.

I drew up a shortlist of men that I have come to admire over the years but was somewhat dismayed to find that excluding a single family member the list was exclusively comprised of those that toil in the world of movies and sports. An admitedly shallow outlook on the world of achievement and probably why there was only ever one Top Bloke posted; my Uncle.

The lack of any real men of substance has been a bit of a quandry to me. My selections within Top Birds didn't concern me despite its leaning towards 'Lad' culture, as there are a broad range of women that I have long admired and been inspired by, through all walks of life that come easily to mind.

To spend a greater length of time over the same task for men and come up with such a narrow sighted list was somewhat disturbing to me. Maybe its because men in their various guises and desires have brought about most of the woes we see every day on our televisions and newspapers. Lets face it when was the last time a women got accussed of amassing bio weapons, invading countries and initiating attempts at global domination. Although history tells us that this has not always the case.

Of course the entertainment industry is in part morphine to the pain we see about us every day and thus understandable that I would list leading lights from this world. Even then organised policing of the digital highway reveals many of these hold darker secrets.

So, who do I admire? Well, I suppose there is more to be admired in the multitude of folk that expell the matter of their lives through the toil of everyday existance than those that jostle for the power to posses, lead and control.

There are men that I have worked with that have changed my perspective and desire to excell, influenced the way I work and some small extent live my life. There are those that I have viewed from a distance with admiration and strived to maintain their command and objectiveness; everyday people.

Neither Top Blokes or Top Birds currently play an active part in this website, but in attempting to create these sections I gained an additional layer of understanding. This extra layer feels like a vision power up for the minds eye, from which I now see and evaluate the endeavours of men, whether from everyday life or through a TV.

Women remain a complete mystery!

Submission: March 2003
Revision: none

On Women

Some have noted that I fairly quickly dismiss the merits of women in this essay and use this as further proof of my anti feminist stance!

I am not sure I can be bothered to put up much of a defense, cant say I have ever been either way. I hope I have only ever judged people for their worth over whether their male or female.

So who are these readily available heroines?

Well for starters we have my first female boss back in 1987 who had authority and a gentle dignity about her. I was in awe.

We have Margaret Thatcher who took the men on at their own game and not only won but had them eating from her hand and running like scared schoolboys at her furrowed brow.

We have Claire who at 24 had already taken on cancer once and survived and still had enough inside to hope for love.

Marie, my ex wife whos sheer grace and gentleness combined with an iron will captivated and inspired all in the same breath. Through her I realised my potential and would have run through walls for her. What am I on about, I did!

Paula, my Kiwi buddie who sets out to do something and seldomly fails but I admire her most for what she fails at. Like many women life is full of cold hard decisions that got to be made but those within the emotional realm constantly perplex, but she still hopes.

and finally for this quick off the top of my head look at women I admire we have Ms E. My recent significant other who almost single handedly is bringing up two children and holding down a senior financial role and it still felt like she had all the time for us, if only ...

Submission: February 2006
Revision: none