I can remember the very first time I entered a chat room, it was about 1993. It was also my penultimate time. Before it would let me in it asked me for my chat room name, so, confused that it didnt already know, having gone through an extensive sign up process, lacking in imagination and in a hurry I wacked in my name and in I went.

The chat room was orientated towards adult topics which I thought was going to involve lots of wanton women talking dirty. Lots of names slowly appeared at the side of my screen under the title 'participants', most of which seemed to have names like 'randy spears', 'dirty dick' (not Richard with a fear of h20 I hoped) and 'black stallion'. There didnt appear to be a lot of women, wanton or not.

My eyes widened when a little window popped up on my screen asking if I wanted to chat to 'gaggingforit' and somewhat tentatively I clicked the YES button.

'Gaggingforit' sent me one message; "is john potter your real name?"

It suddenly occured to me that anonyminity in chat rooms was a cool idea, my chat room name should be anything other than my name, left and spent the next nine years thinking of a groovy online name, on and off.

10 years on, older and obviously wiser I sit down and create a web site that is a test bed for web design skills and somewhere I can just basically; vent. Combined, both have a fairly high 'maintain anonyminity' rating stamped all over them.

Taking my vast wisdom and experience into hand I then cunningly give it a name that no one could possibly link with me, of course, who is john potter anyway.

ed this was written when the author originally started this website with the name; www.john-potter.co.uk, proving that lessons are not always learned at the first turn.

Original written in 2002, redited 2006