Brought up in Hampshire, Old England, John left school in 1983 with a single O'level (GCSE), spending the subsequent four years in employment as a painter and decorator, drivers assistant, children's shoe fitter and then sales assistant in a computer store. During this time he self learned computer programming and girls.

At the behest of a fresh face beneath long lashes he moved to the Midlands in 1987 where he found employ as the Systems Administrator for the Birmingham branch of Standard Life. Soon after he began writing the software 'Office Operations System (OOPS)' which was adopted across the company and would continue to be used through 2002.

By 1993 John was Standard Life's senior PC developer based in Edinburgh, maintaining their New Business systems. He also developed, documented and rolled out several company wide applications and did some training, which he also liked.

Tired of shining the same seat and in need of a challenge he moved to Suffolk in 1994 where he found one. In 1997 John embarked on a seven years stint as a freelance engineer which saw four years in London, two in Asia and the Middle East and one in Harrogate. During this time he survived a marriage, divorce and a very thorough investigation by the Inland Revenue. Only the first two have so far cost him a small fortune.

Despite listing Lolita (Nabokov) as a favourite book and possessing an open mind, John has a keen sense of moral ideals which he has come to without the aid of ancient book's or word of mouth. Currently days are spent banging cranium against corporate walls in return for excessive remuneration. He would much rather wile away his remaining years writing popular fiction in return for a modest annual fee. So far offers are in short supply.