Welcome to the corner of the net known in fairly small circles as johniebg.net, I hope you are or will enjoy your stay here at JBG Towers. If your a little lost or need direction, this page details all the facilities we have available to you here.

For your information, the entrance to each of the different areas is just above, while the toilets are down the corridor last door on the left, be carefull, the doors swing both ways.

This SIte
Detail on the background and inner mechanisms of this site. It includes the following sections;

A quick hello and the page that your currently reading.

About this Site
A bit of background detailing the origins of this site; the what, why when and where that led to you sitting mouth open at the magic before you.

Mission Statement
The key criteria that defines what drives this site.

Site Dev Log
A log of historic updates to this site. Not so much in content but its design and its implementation.

Questions that I have been asked regarding this site, other than why? There are a few answers as well.

Excerpts from the bestselling autobiography; 'Arry.

You may have missed it in the national press (sold out) but this is the now infamous story of wonderously gifted youngster evolving into the world that was the early 70's, thru adolescence in the 80's and adulthood in the 90's, only just managing to lose his cherry to a real girl along the way.

This remarkable story is noted world wide and generally acclaimed as one of modern days most honest and literally compelling pieces. It remained as a New York Times bestseller for nearly three years and had replaced 'Ulrika - My Story' as the 21st Centuries most read book within hours of its launch!

There is a rumour that Sean Bean is set to sign for the lead part in the movie while Peter Jackson and Spielberg continue to vye for directorial duties. Czechoslovakian Model; 'Zemanova' is set to reprise her real life role as Arries love interest although it is expected her tattoo; 'arries', allegedly scribed atop each one of her buttocks will be airbrushed out during the filming of the now legendary week long love scene.

Have you ever been so mad about something that happens in the world that you feel you want to walk up to these apparantly intelligent and wisdom embued figureheads and shout something along the lines of 'what are youuu thinking'? while smacking them repeatedly around their whiskey red chops. Yeah, me to. Unfortunately our voices mean very little in this world so yet another motivating factor for creating my own website was to create a forum for me to write stuff and vent. Lots of things occur to me to write about, unfortunately very few actually appear, what has is here tho.

The blog or diary section of this site and your portal to all the other content,m the other main reason for creating this site besides movie reviews.

The blog entries listed here are the most recent which will have been entered of the last few days, weeks or months. You can check out the historic entries that date back to October 2002 in the Diaries section.

One of my core objectives for creating a website in the first place. The key area here is the movie reviews.

I have long admired the reviews writen in Empire and to some extent 'Aint it cool news' and equally despised the generally art inclined, self important reviews generally found in our newspapers.

It follows then that I should want to write my own. I unfortunately don't write as many reviews as I would like but there you go!

There are also section for reviews on Books, Audio, places and gadgets but these will never be as well populated as the movies!

I started this website withe the purpose of learning web design and providing myself with a voice as everyone clearly needed to hear what I have to say.

This section is designed to plot and showcase some of the stuff I have learned during that time, which began with me literally not knowing anything about website design and having let 8 years pass since last programming, which was my original love.

So although this section originally started with demonstrations of what I was learning on my WWW adventure it is now expanding to encompass all techical learning experiences and maybe classic learning processes as well as I am thinking about doing a qualification in History.

A place where I have put stuff that doesnt have a place anywhere else in the site.
The front page of this website is a record of key events in the life of johniebg and my interaction with both the digitial and carbon based worlds. This section is an archive of all records since the websites inception circa October 2002.

This section along with iWrite and iReview are my favourite to read through in idle moments. Its great to read and remember events I would normally forget if not reminded.