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This picture has some history. First of all it was part of a sliced (one large image sliced into seperate segments so it appears to load quicker) image on the Red Dragon website. So as Hannibals face was ironically sliced into two I saved each half, loaded them both into Paint Shop Pro, created a seperate canvass, pasted and joined them, resized to my requirements, changed the color depth to greyscale and saved the image as a jpeg. The image is spooky by itself but was really wanted to have Hannibal fade in and out.

Armed with a little Flash know how, I created a new workspace in flash the same size as the image, imported the jpeg to the library and dragged the image to the workspace. Converted the image to a movie symbol, edited the movie symbol, stored the jpeg as a movie symbol component and using the timeline, motion tweened the alpha color setting of the image from 0% (transparent) to 100% (full picture) over a two second period, retained the image for one second and then motion tweened the back to 0% over another two second period. Its the alpha channel that causes the fade effect.

I hope this gives the impression of Hannibal coming in from the shadows, quite spooky, all in a 16k file. I did think about adding some audio along the lines of 'Hello Clarice' from the movie but it would have taken to much time and Clarice is not in the movie, but would have been fairly cool.

This image was in the Red Dragin sidebar in the old web format but got dropped when I changed it around. It marks another transition for me in my skills in that this really clued me into what we could do using alpha channels and is therefore immortalised here..

The Media ...

Please note if the image does not appear then it may be that your browser has blocked the image. This is just a basic Flash version 6 file containing no gremlins or nasty stuff. Just the picture. You can view it by clicking on the message at the top of your browser and selecting 'Allow Content'

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