This area is dedicated to showcasing stuff I have created while journeying along the yellow brick road of web edification.

Mostly these will be samples I have created while completing tutorials or I have created for this website using freshly learned skills and an over active imagination.

My imagination far outweighs my ability to do most of everything I want to do so a lot of this is compromise. I dont really have a graphically stylised mind either, so I find keeping the pages simple with a little color tends to cover the fact that I find this aspect difficult.

All of the media presented here and 99.9% on this website has been created by me from scratch. If its not of my hand then I explain which part isnt. For instance the image for the Christmas Card was downloaded from a website with a whole bunch of father christmas clipart.

I have documented, in some instances the high level processes involved in creating the multimedia, this is moslty to remind me later when I try and do this stuff again but is there for all and sundry.

If your wondering, this page is deliberately designed this way and pretty much looks how I wanted it, mostly.

I hope you enjoy

Updates ...

Rollover Buttons - 7 January 2003
There isnt really a lot to talk about the menu's (I manage to tho!) but its here because it was a huge milestone for me. The example here briefly explains how they were created, least I forget.

Christmas Card - 24 December 2002
Ooooh the Christmas Card. It started back at the beginning of December as an experiement and became something beautiful and wonderous to behold. Here's the making of featurette.

Red Dragon Sidebar - 4 November 2002
Spooky but simple tweened animation of a static picture I already had on page 2 of the Red Dragon review.

Stick Fighters 2 November 2002
This Flash file is based on the first Flash online tutorial provided with the software which rotates an image of a car