Rollovers - Page 1

To the impartial, wondering browser, rollover menu's are now so common you probably don't notice them. But for your average joe blow (aka me) to create and put on the web page and understand how to make them look at least OK, is no mean feat. Especially when you start off not knowing your buttons from your symbols!

A single rollover button consists of two images. One image represent the buttons 'state' as it is when you first load the page, and the second, how it looks when you move your cursor over the button.

These images are then woven into a bit of java code (that comes with fireworks and nothing to do with me) so that they can be incorporated into your web page. Sounds simple, and it is really, just like walking, if you know what I mean. A real pain if you can't.

So, why are rollovers so cool. Well they just are, at least they are a lot better than the usual URL you get which just doesn't look quite so sleek. In this GUI world, poeple just EXPECT!

The rollovers I create in the web site are created in Fireworks and the pages in DreamWeaver, there are many other ways but as I use these thats what we're going to talk about. I am about to start fireworks and create a two button menu for this page and the rest of this little speel will be on the next page, which you can get to from the new buttons displayed in the media window..

The Media ...

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