Potter Stick Fighters I

Anyone that has read my early diaries from late 2002 will no doubt know that I have vouched to create animated stick fighters.

This Flash file is my first attempt and is based on the first Flash online tutorial provided with the software which rotates an image of a car.

This is similar in concept and implementation accept its all my own design. The color scheme was greyscale to match the original design of the website, the stick guy was created in fireworks, with seperate objects for his limbs that were individually moved to create the subsequent objects.

The logo top left and right was just created playing around with text also in fireworks (back when the site was named differently) and the actual 'Be water my friend' is a quote from a Bruce Lee movie, you know what movie and I'll be impressed.

The text for this quote is stored in a text file so that you only have to edit the text and not the flash should the text change often (remember this was a tutorial). I found that if the text file was in a seperate directory than the parent HTML, then it wouldnt load! One to remember.

The audio was taken from a Bruce Lee documentary. The actual fight sounds are from 'Enter the Dragon' with the music merged into this track. I had some problems making it loop seemlessly as you will probably be able to detect, but I am not a music person yet and didnt want to waste to much time. The audio also gets a bit annoying after about 5 plays so thats why it has stopped. I might replace the current audio with Mr. Lee actually speaking the words of water wisdom.

The Media ...

Please note if the image does not appear then it may be that your browser has blocked the image. This is just a basic Flash version 6 file containing no gremlins or nasty stuff. Just the picture. You can view it by clicking on the message at the top of your browser and selecting 'Allow Content'

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